For a lot of teenage boys, the immediate problem at the moment is not about finding love, but to find the right girl to date with. It so common to find a lot of confused boys go hell bent over what works when it comes to the issue of attracting girls. Therefore, it is important to know the basic dating tips for boys in order not to repeat the mistakes committed in the past.

The first thing to do is start researching for the ideal place wherein you would expect to find your type of girl. Survey malls, parks, fast food chains or the arcade. Deciding for yourself the type of girl you would want to date will help sort out the preferred location. After this, an important thing to look after is how you would look. It is very important to take care of your hygiene as this will mark her first impressions of you. You would not want to known as the stinking boy in the bunch.

Upon spotting out the hot girl, determine if she is with her friends or not. If she is, dropping subtle hints of interest like a smile or coy grin while passing by her almost always work. This is some one of the most effective pointers in the dating tips for boys. However, if this does not get her attention, find some reason to pick up something near her or order your drink right next to her. This is always a good place for conversation starters. Simple remarks about a common event will help spark the much needed interest for communication. Do not, however, say something like “You are a really sexy.” This type of pick up lines is enough to keep her scrambling away.

Once you have got her interest, the ability to isolate her from her group of friends could be helpful in letting herself well to your advances. Most girls put too much value too what their girlfriends might think so flirting with you in front of her friends is totally not a good idea. Find some reason to somehow borrow her from the group to have some private talk. This will make things easier for her in order for her to respond naturally to you.

When in the actual dating process itself, a lot of dating tips for boys would recommend boys to refine their manners and practice being a gentleman. Compliment her about her looks without being too much of it. She also needs to know that you are attracted to her as well. Respect her opinions if in a conversation and make sure you listen to her.

Upon ending the date, watch out for body language if ever she intends to kiss you or not. Usually it is wise to keep off sex on the first date. Only tell her that you will call back only if you are really interested. It is important to let her know your thoughts and level of interest towards her.

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