Relationships are fueled by communication. If you don’t talk to each other, then how can you reach an understanding if there is an argument? Whatever works for the both of you will help you in your relationship. Remember, there are always two forms of communication: spoken and acted. These can better known as verbal and non-verbal communication. In order to make the most out of your relationship, you should understand the differences, effects as well as the importance in building a healthy relationship.

Verbal Communication

Whenever you talk to each other using spoken words, you communicate your ideas and opinions. This is the core of a healthy relationship because you are able to convey your thoughts to your partner.

Spoken language will let your partner understand what you really mean. It can also solve problems if they occur. Since you have an open communication line, your relationship can grow healthily.

Repressed emotions can stop verbal communication. This can lead to awkward feelings between partners. Remember to voice out what you have to say. Don’t be too harsh, but always speak the truth. You can understand each another better with anger than just simply keeping quiet. Verbal communication becomes a very important asset to a relationship.

Non-verbal Communication

This represents everything else that isn’t spoken. You will notice this in both of your attitudes and gestures. In understanding what your partner really feels, you should always “read between the lines.” Pay attention to how your partner reacts to certain things. This will help you understand simple things like what he or she likes and dislikes. But, most importantly, you can really know your partner just by the body language.

Body language expresses someone’s personality. With that, you can understand some underlying traits your partner has that you wouldn’t know because he or she doesn’t say so. It can also prepare you in responding to your partner’s needs and wants.

Always pay attention to body language so you can grab the initiative of getting what your partner wants. For instance, if you were thinking of buying him or her seafood and then your partner expresses his or her dislike when seeing someone eat, you can always change your mind before complicating things. Your partner might feel guilty because he or she ruined your plan. However, if you consider the body language involved, you can easily change your mind and prevent unnecessary arguments.

Keep in mind verbal and non-verbal communication because it can affect a relationship on many levels. For instance, you can handle arguments and grow closer as you talk to each other. And you can prevent arguments and gain the initiative when you notice the body language involved. They work together to form a relationship which you and your partner control.

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